Loadout: 2018 Competition Dynamics Team Challenge

The Competition Dynamics Team Challenge involves a  lot of shooting and movement with all of your equipment. Having good glass and accurate rifles as part of the loadout are essential. Given that movement is on the clock for the large field courses, not being loaded down with heavy rifles and superfluous gear makes a difference.


SeanRifle Shooter – PROOF Research built custom rifle in 6mm Creedmoor with 24″ carbon fiber barrel, Tac II rifle stock, Timney Calvin Elite 2-stage trigger, Nightforce ATACR 7-35×56 F1 scope with Mil-C reticle, Thunderbeast Ultra 5 suppressor. Magazines were Magpul 10rd AICS pattern PMAGs. Load data was a Hornady 108gr ELD-M with H4350 and Hornady brass, going 2975 fps.

GregCarbine Shooter – AR-15 carbine assembled from parts, 22″ PROOF Research steel barrel in 22 Grendel wildcat, FALKOR upper/lower/handguard set, Nightforce ATACR 7-35×56 F1 scope with TReMoR3 reticle, Thunderbeast Ultra 5 suppressor. Load data was a Hornady 75gr ELD-M with CFE223 and Hornady brass, going 3050 fps.



Sean – Glock 17, Gen 5 with Warren Tactical sights and Magpul 21-rd magazines. Ammunition was Hornady 125gr Steel Match. Holster was aSafariland ALS.

Greg – EMG Custom 2011 in 9mm, steel frame with 6″ barrel and MBX magazines. Ammunition was Hornady 125gr Steel Match. Holster was a Safariland ALS.



Packs – Sean – Grey Ghost Gear Lightweight Assault Pack, Greg – Mystery Ranch MULE

Bipod – Ckye-Pod on both rifles

Laser RangefindersPrimary – Leica HD-B 2000 binoculars, Secondary – Vectronix PLRF-15C and Wilcox RAPTAR-S

Tripod – Really Right Stuff with Anvil ball head

Rear Bags – Wiebad Tac Pad

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