10 Quick Facts: Accuracy International AX308

  1. Accuracy International rifles are manufactured in England
  2. The AX rifles have their own magazine separate from the standard 10rd AW magazine – there is a front lip to help keep the magazine in the chassis. AW magazines will work, but may have some extra wiggle.
  3. The AW and AX magazines are double-stack, and can be topped off from the loading port if necessary.
  4. The AX safety is 3-position; the rear position locks the bolt and firing pin, the middle position only locks the firing pin and allows the bolt to operate, and the forward position is for firing.
  5. There are six-lugs to the AX bolt. Earlier models had 3 lugs.
  6. A barrel change can be performed with only a 4mm Allen key, but a torque wrench is recommended to ensure the proper torque of 49 in/lbs is applied.
  7. The Accuracy International rail system utilizes the AI Key Slot dimensions, which are more robust than Keymod.
  8. Current AX models feature a right folding stock that covers and protects the bolt knob when closed.
  9. Accuracy International rifles feature a two-stage trigger with an adjustable shoe to fine-tune for each shooter’s finger length.
  10. Barrels manufactured to specification can be moved between rifles without having to have a gunsmith pre-fit to the individual action (checking headspace is recommended). This means that replacement barrels can be made without having to send off the rifle.