What are Run-N-Gun events? They are also known as RnGs…aka Centerfire Biathlon…aka running a course with a rifle, pistol, limited info, and shooting stages as you get to them. My take is a whole lot of fun while being challenged and tested beyond the limits of other more conventional shooting competitions.

To help explain things a little better, here’s a piece I originally wrote for RECOILWEB: https://www.recoilweb.com/what-are-run-and-gun-competitions-140905.html

My first exposure to these events came from Bruce Perry, who ran the old Action Pistol matches at River Bend Gun Club that were some of the earliest shooting competitions I attended (Pasters go to heaven-BP). However like all things, we move on to end up doing other things. A couple years back he sent me a note about his upcoming Run n Gun event held at the same club. Intrigued, I signed up and had a blast! Since then I’ve been trying to attend more of these fun events and help get a little more exposure to this emerging sport. If you like a little physical activity and a little bit of shooting mixed in, a Run-N-Gun/RnG event is just for you.


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