Living a 2011 Life

I’ve been a Glock guy since as long as I can remember shooting. However, I also started shooting competitively with a 1911 a long time ago. I learned a lot shooting the Old Slabsides, but after a few years I took a turn for the polymer for carry and competition and hadn’t looked back. Fast forward quite a few years and I found myself wanting a very accurate and easy to shoot 9mm with a really good trigger. I’ve had great luck with Glocks and can shoot them well, but I’ve been spoiled by my precision rifle triggers. My shooting partner for team matches has a VERY nice EMG custom 2011 that I’ve fired a few times, but something like that is out of my budget for a pistol.

STI Staccato P

STI has been around for quite a while with a variety of 2011 and 1911 pistols. Within the past couple years the company changed hands and has shifted focus from mostly competitive guns to a more “tactical”, law enforcement, and carry focus. As part of that transition the Staccato series of guns was introduced. This family of pistols brings duty/carry/all-around use 2011 options at less than custom build prices.

After quite a bit of research, I finally decided to pick up a Staccato P. The variety of respected trainers, shooters and agencies giving the thumbs up to the Staccato was an influence on this decision. The original P model featured a 4.15″ barrel, but for 2020 it was stretch to 4.45″ in length. According to STI, this was optimum versus a 5″ gun. The 1/2 inch shorter length is supposed to be more reliable when the gun is dirty, while the recoil feels the same or slightly better.

Since the Staccatos are hot items, my search ended up online. I found a lightly used 2020 Staccato P on Gunbroker. One of the changes I knew that I wanted was to swap the grip found on new guns with the older DVC/Dragon Scale style. Aside from finding it more aesthetically pleasing, I liked the texture better when I checked them out at SHOT Show. If you do have a new style grip, Extreme Shooters can stipple/mold the pattern in. This gun had the grip I wanted at the right price so I clicked the Buy It Now button.

Trusted Glock 19 Carry Gun
Combined 7, 12, 20 yard groups checking sight alignment with Hornady Critical Duty 135gr

As the great Obi-Wan himself, Ken Hackathorn, has said, if you treat your gun like your lawnmower, get a Glock. The meaning behind the saying is a 1911, and by extension a 2011, requires more maintenance and being in-tune with the mechanics of the gun than just load, shoot and repeat. My Glocks aren’t going away, but over the coming months it is my plan to document living a 2011 life with my STI Staccato P.

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