Scaled Dry-Fire B-8 Targets

The B-8 target is officially the Bullseye, 25-yard Rapid Fire target. It has become a popular target for duty/tactical/carry target in drills and evaluations. My first exposure was at a Larry Vickers 1911 Operator’s class over a decade ago. Since then it’s been a staple (although not exclusive) target for myself. You can scale the scoring of a drill by using the scoring rings or you can use the black/white area. The replacement centers fit well into a cardboard USPSA/IDPA target as well.

Dry-fire is a great tool when properly used in a training program. It can build familiarity and skill without the expense of firing live ammunition. Be sure to have a set of safety procedures to ensure a safe dry-fire session, and that any nuances of your firearm are addressed to prevent damage.

Generally speaking, dry-fire is done indoors, usually in a room or garage. Because of this, targets normally used on the range are much larger than presented at typical range distances. Part of dynamic shooting is scaling the target/sight focus to the speed and precision desired. This difference can be setup via scaling targets for perceived distance to target and distance to the target for dry practice.

Attached are scaled B-8 targets for 3, 4 and 5-yard distances to the target (different options depending on the size of the room you’re dry-firing in). On each sheet are target presentations for 10, 15 and 25-yard targets.

For the math nerds, here’s my math on the scoring rings: