A 2011 Life: Safariland ALS Holster

I’ve been a long-time fan of Safariland products, particularly the SLS and then ALS retention holsters. These are great for 3-gun, run-n-gun or other field shooting competitions where there is a lot of movement before the pistol gets drawn. Having some retention ensure that you don’t go home early because the gun came out of the holster. These retention devices also work well for duty or open-carry applications.

The STI Staccato P is a 2011 pattern pistol with a light rail on the frame. There are a variety of 2011 flavors these days, but the Staccato slide and forward frame dimensions match that of a 1911 with light rail. A holster designed for a 5″ railed 1911 should work with the Staccato, even if it will be a little long. To start, I wanted a holster for use without a light.

I picked up one of the ALS holsters for a Springfield Operator, model 6378-56. Once it arrived, I had to give it a test fit. Because the 2011 uses a double-stack magazine, the grip frame is wider than a normal 1911. During test-fit, the magazine release was making contact with the holster body about 1/2″ before full insertion.

As far in as the pistol would go, about 1/2″ short of fully seated.

With some quick work via a hacksaw, files and sandpaper I had something custom fit. I only did the inside portion of the holster where the magazine release was making contact

Cut, filed and sanded
Test fit after cutting

My next holster modification was to raise the ALS knob, as the 1911 style holsters have an additional piece of plastic shielding the thumb safety from accidentally being disengaged in the holster. OTDefense makes a great add-on called the Nub-Mod. They have a 1911 specific model (link here) that is clearanced appropriately.

Before and after re-profiling

I installed the 1911 Nub-Mod, but after testing it I wanted to re-profile that extra plastic for easier reach to the retention release knob. This made the lever much easier to reach and disengage.

Finally, what good is a black holster on a brown/camo belt… Since I only had two shades of brown in the paint stash the holster got some brown quasi-tiger striping.

As for attachment, I’ve gone to the Safariland QLS system as it allows me to run a few dedicated use belts and easily swap the holster out depending on the pistol being used.